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July 2012 Archives

Florida prescription drug sales lead to rash of arrests, charges

Florida is well known as a state where tourists come to enjoy themselves at beaches and amusement parks. However, some come to our state to seek medical treatment and prescriptions to treat illness and injury. A rash of recent arrests suggests that some of these individuals are being arrested and charged with crimes involving illegal prescription drug sales for the purpose of resale back in their own communities. The criminal charges that result can be devastating for people who are simply seeking medical treatment and properly prescribed medications while outside of their home state.

Drug trafficking charge made against 3 Florida men

A Florida apartment complex supposedly known for drugs and crime was the recent site of an arrest of three local men. All of the men were charged with drug trafficking and were taken into custody by Melbourne police. During the arrest, one of the accused was shot by a local police officer and suffered non-life threatening injuries, though the specific details of that incident were not further detailed, except to say the police officer has been placed on paid administrative leave pending an investigation.

Prescription drug crime reportedly growing at open houses

As the economy begins to slowly improve, the housing market is becoming more active. This means that more people are beginning to put their homes on the market, which has led to an increase in open houses in Florida cities. For those trying to sell a home, sprucing up so a realtor can hold an open house is common procedure. However, at least one thing is new -- taking precautions to avoid the increasing trend of prescription drug crime at open house events.

7 Florida doctors face prescription drug trafficking charges

Doctors have a duty to help patients who suffer from pain day in and day out. Although some patients are in need of minimal medical intervention, others rely on the power of medications in order to live a fulfilling life. But what happens when a doctor's work to help those in pain is viewed as a criminal offense?

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