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October 2012 Archives

Manhunt underway for two Florida men accused of drug trafficking

Authorities are seeking two men that they say may have moved large amounts of drugs through the state of Florida. The men are accused of drug trafficking crimes involving marijuana. Now, police are looking for them using avenues such as Crime Stoppers and other media outlets. The men are believed to have strong ties to Charlotte County.

Florida prescription drug crime charges can bring harsh penalty

Many readers in Florida may be surprised to learn that our state spends about $97 million per year housing drug offenders in prison. Many of these people are serving sentences for their first offenses. In fact, three out of four people serving time for prescription drug crime in our state are in prison on their first offense. This includes many who received mandatory sentences for prescription drug crimes.

Eight arrested for drug possession, prostitution in Florida sting

Several people were arrested recently in a Florida sting operation staged by police. Many of those who were arrested now face drug possession charges along with accusations related to prostitution. The arrests were made for a wide range of different types of drugs including cocaine, xanax and zolipidem.

New Florida law aimed at avoiding some drug possession charges

A new Florida law that is set to go into effect in early October may make it easier for a person to call 911 without the criminal ramifications if they witness or experience a drug overdose. This is because the individual who reports the overdose will not be charged with a drug possession crime as a result of their call for medical help. The new law is called the 911 Good Samaritan Act.

Florida man faces drug possession charges

A Florida man has been arrested on drug possession charges after police found him with several bags of marijuana. A local police officer reported that he became suspicious of the 22-year-old suspect after he passed him on a stairwell and smelled the scent of unsmoked marijuana. In fact, police say, the young man, who was later charged with drug possession, opened a bag of marijuana only moments after the officer passed him by on the stairs.

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