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November 2012 Archives

Florida official among those charged with prescription drug crime

Three people, including at least one from Florida, were recently convicted by a jury of committing crimes related to a drug conspiracy that has spanned more than just our state. The three, including two doctors, were accused of a prescription drug crime relating to the sale of pills to those who had no medical need. The case accused as many as 13 people in total including doctors, pharmacists, a call center manager and others, one report indicates.

Florida women accused of drug possession after traffic stop

Recently a Florida woman allegedly took an unusual step as she attempted to hide the drugs that she is accused of possessing from police. According to a report, the woman hid the drugs in her dentures. When asked to remove the false teeth, police say they discovered three rocks of crack cocaine in the women's mouth. This discovery led to a drug possession charge

Florida doctor convicted of prescription drug crime

Reports of prescription drug crime in Florida and across the nation have appeared to increase in recent years. Now a 68-year-old doctor has been accused of prescription drug crime and has been sentenced to two years in prison. He was said to have written illegal prescriptions while working with Jasper Hospital, which has since closed for business.

Man arrested in Florida on drug possession charges

A man who has been arrested in Florida is, according to some reports, a kingpin of drug crimes in the local area. However, according to arrest records published recently, the man had allegedly been arrested under a different alias back in 2008. Now, he faces drug possession charges that include possession with intent to sell, felony possession of marijuana and firearm charges.

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