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December 2012 Archives

Singer awaits mistrial ruling on drug trafficking conviction

Being accused of drug charges can be an incredibly stressful and frustrating scenario. A conviction on those charges is even more disturbing, and can bring a wide range of punitive measures including prison time, probation and damage to one's standing within their community. For one man, a conviction in Florida on charges of drug trafficking may result in a mistrial in the face of new information concerning one of the jurors.

Florida prescription drug crime arrests total 29 in one swoop

Florida officials continue to seek several suspects allegedly involved in a drug crime ring. Others in our state were recently arrested and accused of prescription drug crime. Those who were taken into custody were accused of trafficking in the drugs and conspiring to create fake prescriptions.

Florida doctor stands accused of drug trafficking after arrest

A Florida doctor has been arrested after police say that he wrote and signed more than 24,000 prescriptions in a single year. The doctor is charged with drug trafficking and other crimes because of the prescriptions and his involvement with a clinic that police believe was a pill mill. At the facility, the doctor is said to have issued some 1.3 million dosage units of the painkiller oxycodone alone, in addition to several other suspect prescriptions.

Florida prescription drug crime may be increasing

A Florida man is lying in a local hospital in critical condition after being shot by police. Officials say that the man was shot after he failed to comply with officer requests that were made as they were trying to arrest him for a prescription drug crime, among others. The incident happened in a local Palm Bay pharmacy.

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