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January 2013 Archives

4 Florida men arrested for prescription drug crime

Readers in Florida may be interested to learn about a flurry of arrests that were made recently by local authorities in Palm Beach County. As a part of a prescription drug crime sting, police say that they took four men from Boynton Beach into custody. The men now face criminal charges related to prescription drug crime.

Florida prescription drug crime charges can come at every age

Florida readers may be interested to learn that as many as 2,500 teenagers use prescription drugs for the first time each day, according to one report. Some of these kids may end up facing prescription drug crime charges as a result of the use of such drugs. Others may find that they require services of one of the many programs popping up aimed at ending this type of drug abuse.

Florida woman faces drug possession charges at mall

People who find themselves accused of committing crimes have the right to fight the charges against them, or to negotiate a plea deal with authorities in some cases. A Florida woman recently found herself facing criminal accusations after coming into contact with local police at a mall. The accused woman has been charged with crimes including ones related to drug possession and shoplifting. The incident happened at the Santa Rosa Mall.

Florida man faces drug possession charges after traffic stop

In many cases, a simple traffic stop leads police in our state to suspect the presence or use of drugs. This is what happened recently after a police stop for a traffic offense. Now, a Florida man has been charged with crimes related to drug possession after cocaine and marijuana was allegedly discovered in his vehicle.

Three Florida men accused of selling drugs arrested

A Florida man and two of his partners are in police custody after being arrested recently. According to published reports, the men worked for Kratom Lab, a company that manufactured synthetic marijuana. Now, the same men have been charged with crimes related to selling drugs.

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