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March 2013 Archives

Drug possession charges for noted Florida teen crime victim

The Florida Highway Patrol has revealed that a trooper recently made a drug arrest after observing the driver of a minivan make an illegal U-turn in Palm Beach County. The drug possession charges that resulted are an all too common occurrence on our roadways, particularly among teenage drivers. The 18-year-old teen that was arrested, however, was previously the victim of a vicious crime that garnered international attention and that prior incident may have contributed to what may be a drug problem.

Florida drug possession charges comes after parking lot arrest

Readers in Florida may be saddened to learn about a mother in our state who was recently arrested. The woman stands accused of drug possession and other charges after coming into contact with police in a parking lot of a large retail store. The charges relate to her alleged possession of crack cocaine and paraphernalia.

Florida prescription drug crime law could change

Many readers in Florida know that our state suffers with high numbers of people who are involved in prescription drug crime. What they may not know is that the individuals who are accused of prescription drug crime and found guilty can be subject to minimum sentencing laws. These laws require that people spend time in jail. However, for at least some of them, that could be set to change.

30 people arrested for drug trafficking in Florida

A large police operation recently included officials from both Florida and another state. The effort reportedly resulted in the arrest of as many as 30 people across the two states. Those arrested have been accused of participating in a drug trafficking operation.

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