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May 2013 Archives

Arrest of 4 people for drug possession in Florida recently

Florida police say that a homeowner allowed them to enter a home recently in Caryville. Once inside, they say that they found various drug related items and a small child. The incident led to the arrest of four people on criminal charges that included drug possession and child neglect.

Florida pair faces drug possession and animal cruelty allegations

A Florida couple came to the attention of authorities after people contacted them to report potential criminal activity at their home. When they went to the residence, officials say, the couple allowed them to enter. It was after that entry that the couple was charged with crimes such as drug possession and animal cruelty.

Pair faces drug possession charges after Waffle House call

Florida officials say that they have arrested two people after being called to a local restaurant about an armed disturbance. The two were charged with drug possession and weapons crimes. They are now awaiting court dates to respond to the accusations.

Florida man faces drug possession charges after body search

Employees of a Florida cell phone store contacted police recently about a man that they believed had been in the restroom of the store for an extended period of time. When he left, the employees say that they went into the bathroom to see why he had been there for so long. What they found led the man in this case to be arrested for drug possession related crimes.

Man faces drug possession and other charges after car accident

A tragic car accident led to the deaths of several people on a Florida highway recently. The crash happened when a car struck another vehicle after running through a posted stop sign, authorities suggest. The investigation into the crash ended with the arrest of one of the drivers involved for crimes such as drug possession and DUI.

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