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August 2013 Archives

20 people charged with drug possession in Florida

Readers in Florida may be surprised to learn about the arrest of twenty people that occurred recently on one day in our state. The arrests were for drug possession, drug trafficking and sales in addition to other criminal charges. Police say that they came after approximately two months of investigation into drug crimes in Brevard County.

Florida federal drug crime sentencing sees changes

Readers in Florida know that being charged with and found guilty of a crime can lead to stiff penalties. In many cases, this is because of mandatory minimum sentencing laws that have been enacted on both the state and federal levels. Now, readers may be surprised to learn that some of the penalties for federal drug crime may be changing.

Florida officer accused of drug possession and other crimes

Police in Florida are normally assigned to keep the peace and protect those of us in our state. However, like others who are not employed in law enforcement, sometimes police officers can come in contact with officials. This is what happened recently to one Broward County Sheriff officer who faces allegations of crimes such as drug possession.

Florida mother and sons face drug possession and other charges

Recent arrests here in Florida related to drug crime included those of a mother and her two sons. Each of those accused by officials have been charged with drug possession and other crimes. Now, they must work to present a defense against the assertions by local officials that they were not only in possession of drugs but maintaining a home for the purpose of its manufacture, at least in the case of the mother.

Fewer accused of prescription drug crime in Florida

The number of those being arrested for certain crimes in Florida has fallen over the past few months. This includes assertions relating to prescription drug crime in our state. In fact, in one county the rate of arrest for these types of crimes has fallen by as much as 50 percent.

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