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Florida officer accused of drug possession and other crimes

Police in Florida are normally assigned to keep the peace and protect those of us in our state. However, like others who are not employed in law enforcement, sometimes police officers can come in contact with officials. This is what happened recently to one Broward County Sheriff officer who faces allegations of crimes such as drug possession.

According to an official report, the Florida man was the subject of a six month investigation for drug crimes including drug possession, conspiracy to commit two felonies relating to the delivery of drugs. Now the officer has been suspended without pay while his department completes the investigation. It is unclear what official criminal charges, like drug possession, may come as a result of the inquiry.

If the officer is arrested, he will be able to work to present a full defense against the criminal charges made against him. This defense is a fundamental right that is available to all who live in our country. In addition to this right after the charges are filed, the Officer is able to defend himself against the inquiry being made by the Internal affairs department of his employer.

Being charged with a criminal offense such as drug possession can be stressful for any person. This stress is multiplied if the person being charged has worked to protect those of us in the public prior to the criminal allegations. However, the good news is that many find that they are able to successfully defend against accusations by questioning all aspects of an arrest and investigation, both of which are subject to procedural rules intended to protect the accused.

Source: Sun Sentinel, "Broward deputy kept drug-related relationship with escort, warrant alleges," Ihosvani Rodriguez, Aug. 2, 2013

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