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October 2013 Archives

Florida woman accused of drug trafficking and other crimes

The women's movement has allowed many to break through glass ceilings in business and finance, readers in Florida may well know. Women now make up large parts of our workforce. However, a recent report notes, until recently few women were known or suspected to have led drug trafficking or organized crime organizations.

Florida police officers complete drug sales that end in arrests

A recent report indicates that Florida police in one local town have netted more confiscated money from alleged drug buyers than in any other state. In fact, it appears that officials in Sunrise have found a way to get people from all over the country to come to their town, under the lure of buying drugs. Once there, they find that they are arrested for everything from drug sales to possession and other crimes.

47-year-old Florida man arrested on drug possession charge

Being arrested and accused of drug charges is never an easy experience. The fear of conviction and the possibility of serving jail time can be particularly unnerving. Even a simple drug possession charge can result in severe punishments. However, any Florida resident who faces the threat of a drug conviction will have numerous criminal defense strategies at his or her disposal to try and get those charges dropped.

Florida man faces prescription drug crime charges

When people in Florida think of crime, their minds often go to young people. However, it is not uncommon for older people to face criminal accusations such as prescription drug crime and possession of a controlled substance. This is what happened recently to a man from Okeechobee.

Drug possession in Florida leads to need for defense

There is good news in a recent report made by Florida officials. They say that the number of deaths related to drugs is down this year from last. However, though fewer people have died, many still find that they are the subject of accusations of drug possession and other crimes.

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