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December 2013 Archives

Drug possession and sales charges come in Florida after raid

Florida officials say that it was the assistance of neighbors and the local community that led to the arrests of several people recently in Polk County. Those who were arrested, including three teenagers, stand accused of crimes relating to drug possession and other such crimes. Now they have to work to defend themselves in an effort to avoid the harshest of penalties.

Florida drug sales of bath salts falls over the past year

The use and sale of the drug bath salts is falling across the nation and in Florida, a recent report notes. In fact, the number of overdose deaths from the drug has fallen in our state from 173 in 2011 to fewer tan 50 thus far this year. This, officials suspect, is in part due to efforts to control drug sales of the chemical compound.

Drug possession among crimes Florida gives penalty

Few in Florida would dispute that we have many inmates who are incarcerated. In fact, some readers may be surprised to learn just how many people are in our states penal system. Currently, a report notes, we have some 100,844 people in prison, many incarcerated for non-violent crimes such as drug possession and usage.

Florida mayor faces drug possession charges

The recent troubles of a mayor of an international city are well-known to most of our readers in Florida. In that case, the mayor admitted smoking crack cocaine and drinking and driving while in office. Now, some may be surprised to learn that a mayor of a town in our state has been arrested for drug possession and other crimes.

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