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February 2014 Archives

Florida man with drug possession charge thought cocaine was legal

A Florida man was recently taken into custody on drug possession charges. The drug possession charge relates to cocaine, which police say the man tried to hide in a flowerpot. Police allege that the 46-year-old man put his hand in a flowerpot when they asked him what he was holding. After looking inside the pot, police claim to have discovered a small amount of cocaine weighing .8 grams (less than three tenths of an ounce).

Florida crime analyst accused of prescription drug trafficking

An analyst employed by a crime lab was recently arrested on charges that he stole and sold painkillers, which were to be used as evidence in drug crimes cases. The arrest came after the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) suspected that drugs were missing from the lab. Allegedly, multiple case files appeared to be missing pharmaceutical drugs that had been replaced with over-the-counter medications. The accused analyst must now face his prescription drug trafficking charges in court.

NCAA football signee arrested for drug possession in Florida

It is easy to make mistakes when one is young. In many cases, it's just part of the growing-up process. In the best-case scenarios, a person takes whatever lessons can be learned from the misstep and moves on without doing permanent damage to his or her future. A young football player who was recently arrested for drug possession in Florida, is hoping that's the case in his situation.

Several charged with drug possession after Fort Myers bust

Drug crimes can be punished very severely in Florida if there is a conviction. Penalties may include large fines, lengthy prison sentences and driver's license suspension. After a recent bust here in Fort Myers, several people face these potential consequences after being charged with drug possession and other crimes. Their arrests stem from a three month-long investigation conducted by deputies from the Lee County Sheriff's Office.

Justin Bieber arrested for DUI in Florida, drug possession next?

Readers in Florida and all across the nation have most likely heard the latest media buzz surrounding pop star Justin Bieber's recent arrest. Due to past indiscretions including suspected drug possession after drugs were found in his tour bus, the media was quick to paint Bieber in a negative light. He now is facing charges of DUI, resisting arrest and driving on a suspended license.

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