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April 2014 Archives

Florida grocery store owner arrested for allegedly selling drugs

A Florida grocery store owner has been accused of trafficking drugs. According to authorities, the man was taken into custody following reports that he was selling drugs at his business. Detectives say that the 46-year-old entrepreneur was selling hydrocodone inside a school zone.

Multiple federal drug trafficking arrests made in Florida

According to federal authorities, several men from Florida planned to smuggle approximately 1,000 pounds of pot into the United States. Authorities say that the men hoped to give the marijuana to drug dealers in Broward County who would distribute it and sell it illegally. The men accused of federal drug trafficking charges were reportedly unaware that the boat captain in charge of conveying the marijuana was actually an undercover federal agent working for the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Florida police officer accused of federal drug crime

A police officer from South Florida was recently charged in a federal drug crime case. In addition to federal drug crime charges relating to cocaine distribution, he has also been accused of organizing an assassination for a drug ring. According to federal prosecutors, the man was paid in money and gifts, including a Rolex watch.

Trick Daddy to face drug possession charges in Florida

The rapper, Trick Daddy, who is known for his music across the country, has been arrested in Florida on drug charges. The musician was taken into custody outside his home in Miramar on drug possession accusations after police confronted him on his property. When first approached, the rapper asked authorities if they were arresting him for being late on child support payments.

South Florida father and son arrested on charges of selling drugs

Two members of the same family, a father and son, have been arrested in South Florida on charges of selling drugs. Allegedly, anonymous tips led authorities to the Miami home of the duo, where police claim they observed them selling drugs. The charges brought against the accused individuals in this case are indeed grave. However, both men will have the right to defend themselves against the charges, and depending on the facts, they may be able to get some of their charges dropped or dismissed.

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