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What are the consequences of a drug sales charge?

Since drug-related allegations are taken very seriously in Florida, the consequences if convicted on such charges can be quite severe. Drug sales, possession and drug trafficking are three of the most common drug-related charges. Each type of charge carries a different level of punishment depending on the circumstances surrounding a person's arrest.

UPS package leads to multiple drug trafficking arrests in Orlando

A package filled with 18 pounds of marijuana was intercepted at an Orlando area UPS center late last year. The drugs were headed to the Hyatt Regency Hotel on International Drive. In order to hide their alleged drug trafficking efforts, the individuals who shipped the marijuana reportedly employed several techniques to double package and seal the marijuana to prevent authorities from detecting it.

Two arrested on Florida parole violation, drug possession charges

A man wanted by Southwest Florida authorities was arrested on a recent Saturday in Hendry County. A warrant had been issued for the man's arrest due to a probation violation. While arresting him, authorities also arrested his girlfriend, who was charged with drug possession relating to cocaine, harboring a fugitive and other offenses.

Biogenisis lab owner facing federal drug charge

Tony Bosch, the founder of the infamous Biogenesis anti-aging clinic in Florida, is facing a federal drug charge. This is the same lab that is known for providing steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs to famous athletes, including Alex Rodriguez and others. Mr. Bosch is also accused of selling these same drugs to high school students. The federal drug charge comes after a lengthy investigation from law enforcement.

Florida couple arrested on gun and drug trafficking charges

A Florida couple has been taken into custody on charges of gun and drug trafficking. Allegedly, the drug trafficking charges relate to various prescription drugs, and 47 guns that have since been seized by authorities. Police say they discovered thousands of dollars of cash while making the arrest.

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