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Charged with selling drugs in Florida?

Being charged with selling drugs or purchasing drugs is serious, but it does not have to mean the end of the world. At the law offices of Ian F. Mann, we pride ourselves on having years of experience in dealing with matters relating to accusations of selling drugs. Indeed, Ian F. Man is a former assistant attorney general and has litigated over 100 jury trials.

Man believed to have been selling drugs in Florida

One man was recently accused of engaging in drug sales in Florida. A person who is charged with selling drugs may naturally be panicked about whether he or she will end up being convicted and sentenced. However, the person has the right to defend his or her innocence.

Florida doctor arrested for prescription drug trafficking

A Florida doctor from Sebring was arrested and charged with drug trafficking. The ex-cardiologist, who now lives in Winter Haven, was accused of prescription drug trafficking offenses relating to hydrocodone. Allegedly, the man was writing prescriptions in exchange for money, marijuana and methamphetamine.

Why did my cocaine charge get classified as a federal drug crime?

Although the rules and regulations governing marijuana have changed in some states, when it comes to cocaine, the substance is still just as illegal as ever. Indeed, Florida state officials are particularly steadfast in their targeting of potential offenders for arrest and conviction on cocaine-related offenses, and federal officials even more so. When it comes to federal law, though, because federal drug crime conviction could come with longer time spent in jail and limited possibility for parole, if you are accused of a federal drug charge, a well-thought out and strategic defense strategy may be required. But how do you end up in the federal system in the first place?

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