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Fort Myers prescription drug crime charges

Many people rely on prescription drugs to stay alive. Others use them to live and function in the world without severe and debilitating pain. Whatever the reason you take prescription drugs, though, it is illegal to buy them or take them if they have not been prescribed to you by a medical professional authorized to do so by law. Barring such permission, a Fort Myers resident in possession of prescription drugs could be arrested for a prescription drug crime.

25-year-old Florida woman accused of illegal drug sales

A young Florida woman was recently taken into custody by authorities in Washington County and is facing drug charges. Authorities had been searching for the 25-year-old woman ever since a warrant was issued for her arrest. Until her arrest, authorities wanted her as a fugitive from justice due to her alleged connection with drug sales activity in the area.

Fort Myers drug trafficking charges

A Fort Myers resident might be arrested and charged with drug trafficking in a variety of circumstances. Drug trafficking charges typically come when police discover a large quantity of drugs in the possession of an individual. This might happen during a routine traffic stop if police decide to search a person's vehicle, or it could happen as part of an undercover drug sting operation, along with other reasons.

Florida drug trafficking charges

It is illegal to sell, transport and import narcotics like marijuana, heroin, cocaine meth and other substances. Punishments associated with these offenses can be particularly severe for those who are convicted of the crimes in Florida and elsewhere in the country. However, the severity of those punishments will largely depend on various factors -- especially the amount and type of controlled substances involved. The geographic location of the alleged drug trafficking offense and whether it involved children will also be factors that determine the severity of potential punishments.

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