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Have you been accused of drug possession in Florida?

Getting charged with any kind of drug offense can be scary. For one, an individual accused of a drug crime might have been arrested by police, and this is a frightening experience under any circumstances. One of the most common drug offenses in Florida is drug possession. If you are currently facing drug charges in Florida, Ian F Mann, PA, is ready to help. We will review your case, tell you how serious your situation is and we will aggressively defend you against the charges.

Drug possession and drug paraphernalia charges

A wide range of individuals get arrested for the possession of marijuana, heroin, cocaine and other types of controlled substances, like prescription medications. In addition to drug possession, arrests are also possible for the possession of paraphernalia related to drugs. For this reason, it is crucial to gain an understanding of the various types of drug paraphernalia as defined by Florida laws.

Convicted of a Federal drug crime, sentence reforms now in effect

Sentencing guidelines for those convicted of drug crimes have been quite harsh at both state and federal levels, though federal crimes will typically garner a more severe punishment. For those accused of a federal drug crime, reforms to sentencing guidelines have recently taken effect, which may help those who have received a seemingly unfair or overly harsh sentence. For individuals in Florida who are themselves, or who have a loved one, currently serving time for a federal drug offense, these reforms have made it possible to petition to have sentences changed in accordance with these new standards.

4 arrested in Florida drug trafficking bust

A Florida drug bust involving an alleged marijuana grow house has resulted in four arrests. Police say that the marijuana growing and drug trafficking operation was operating throughout the city of North Port. Authorities executed multiple search warrants on houses that had reportedly been converted into indoor pot growing farms.

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