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Man arrested on drug trafficking charge after police chase

Police arrested a Florida man after pursuing him in a high-speed car chase last Tuesday. The pursuit started after the man allegedly pulled through a drive-through at McDonald's while inebriated. McDonald's employees notified law enforcement after they saw that the 38-year-old man looked intoxicated. He was later arrested on drug trafficking charges.

Florida drug possession charges

After a Florida resident has been arrested and accused of drug possession, it is vital to get the answer to three pressing questions in order to start formulating the person's criminal defense. These questions will likely lead to one or more follow up questions relating to the drug possession charges. Once,the questions are answered, and all the facts and circumstances have been thoroughly reviewed, it is time to plan the defenses to be preented against the drug possession charges.

Man faces drug possession charges in Florida

One man in Florida currently faces drug-related charges after police received a complaint about noise. When people are accused of drug possession, they may be nervous about what the outcome of the charges will be. However, the criminal justice system views the person as innocent until and unless he or she is proved guilty and the accused person can rightfully defend his or her innocence.

Former cop of the year arrested for drug trafficking in Florida

A man who was once celebrated as 2012's "Cop of the Year" in the Northeast has been arrested on cocaine trafficking charges in Florida. According to the police who took him into custody, the 28-year-old man was trying to purchase 10 kilograms of cocaine. Either the drug trafficking charge is not true, or this man has made a radical shift in his behavior in recent years.

State and federal drug crime charges in Florida

State police and federal authorities are actively on the look out for suspected drug offenders in the state of Florida. In most cases, drug crimes fall under state jurisdiction, and the accused must face the charges in the state court system. However, in some situations, the charges are considered to be a federal drug crime, in which case it will be necessary for the matter to be tried in federal court.

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