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Will Patriots tattoo get man sympathy in drug possession case?

A man with a New England Patriots tattoo on the side of his bald head is wanted by Florida police. According to authorities, the accused man did not appear for his scheduled court appearance relating to drug possession and/or drug purchasing offenses. Now, authorities are on the lookout for the man, who could be easy to identify because of the bright green tattoo on his head. 

According to news reports, the man had an exact copy of Patriots player Tom Brady's helmet emblazoned permanently on his head in 2008. At the time, the man said that his tattoo was done in commemoration of a perfect regular season completed by his favorite football team. Now, the same tattoo has caused news of the man's criminal case to spread far and wide.

Police in Florida have accused him of purchasing synthetic marijuana and failing to appear in court in a hearing related to those charges. The synthetic marijuana purchasing charges were filed by authorities against the man in 2014. Unfortunately, the tattoo did not help him in sidestepping criminal charges, and now he is in even deeper criminal waters after not showing up for his scheduled court hearing. 

When he was taken into custody last year, authorities took side, front, back and top pictures of the man's tattoo. In addition to the Patriots logos, he also has a tattoo of the NFL's logo, the American flag, and even the brand name of the company that makes the helmets. He did show up to court for a hearing on Jan. 7; however, he did not appear for another hearing that was scheduled.

Failing to show up for a hearing related to drug possession and any other charges could have disastrous effects for a Florida resident's criminal case. If you or your loved one have inadvertently gotten into a difficult position like this, it may be helpful to discuss the situation with a qualified criminal defense lawyer. By looking at the reasons for missing the hearing, and the nature of the charges, an accused individual can establish what his or her best next steps should be.

Source: springfieldnewssun.com, "Patriots 'super fan' wanted after drug arrest in Florida", Jan. 27, 2015

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