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Florida prescription drug crime charges

There are nearly an infinite number of ways that a perfectly innocent person could become embroiled in accusations relating to a prescription drug crime. Indeed, numerous Florida residents have been wrongly accused of a prescription drug crime they did not commit. If it has happened to you, do not fret because experienced legal help is available to contest the accusations.

When it comes to prescription drug crime defense, Attorney Ian F. Man has represented defendants in virtually every drug scenario imaginable. In the most straightforward cases, a successful defense may be as easy as producing proof of a doctor's prescription for the medication at issue. In other cases, it may be necessary to defend an individual against allegations of being involved in a complex prescription drug ring, or a cross-border international drug smuggling operation.

Fortunately, anyone who is accused of a crime will remain innocent until -- and only if -- proved guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in court. Since it is the prosecution that must satisfy this burden of proof, the government is often at a disadvantage, especially if an experienced defense attorney is representing the defendant. Indeed, by casting a sufficient amount of doubt upon the prosecution's version of the facts, a defendant may be able to win a dismissal of the charges or obtain a verdict of not guilty after trial.

Those accused of prescription drug crime in Florida are entitled to an attorney. Even if they cannot afford to hire one on their own, they will be furnished a free public defender by the court. Nevertheless, an individual facing such serious charges will likely want a criminal defense attorney at his or her side who has extensive experience in representing people facing similar criminal charges. At Ian F. Mann PA, we have that experience and will be pleased to discuss with an accused individual how we may be of service.

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