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April 2015 Archives

Florida teacher arrested, accused of selling drugs

Many residents of Osceola, Florida, were surprised at the news that a local teacher and long-time school employee was recently arrested on suspicion of drug crimes. The story has led to an outpouring of outrage from area residents and concern over the safety and welfare of students in the school district. The teacher who is accused of selling drugs has been placed into a position that involves no contact with minors while the case moves forward.

Driver arrested for drug possession after his vehicle crashes

In the state of Florida and elsewhere in the nation, any persons accused of  crimes are entitled to defend themselves when facing the charges brought against them in court. In a recent case, a young man was charged with drug possession after reportedly being pursued by police officers for driving with excessive speed. A court appearance has been scheduled early in May.

What information is needed in a prescription drug crime defense?

No matter the circumstances of the prescription drug crime arrest, all Florida residents who are accused of prescription drug possession will have the right to a criminal defense. In order to successfully defend against a prescription drug crime, though, a defense attorney will require specific documentation from his or her client. Sometimes, this information is personal in nature.

2 Florida men arrested for drug possession and drug trafficking

Sheriff's deputies in Walton County, Florida, claim to have discovered a meth lab while in the process of serving a warrant to a man for being late on his child support payments. The 46-year-old man was subsequently charged with drug possession and other drug crimes. Another 51-year-old man was also arrested in the impromptu drug bust.

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