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Prescription drug possession: Protecting your legal rights

Accusations relating to prescription drugs could result in stiff fines, probation, jail time and community service punishments if a conviction occurs. When prescription drug possession and other types of drug charges arise, however, accused individuals will not be found guilty until -- and only if -- they are proved to be so beyond a reasonable doubt in court. Until that point, Florida residents will have the opportunity to defend themselves against the charges.

Florida drug possession laws relating to cocaine

Florida's proximity to Latin America has long made it a hotbed for drug trafficking, especially cocaine trafficking. For that reason, state and federal authorities are constantly on patrol for those in illegal possession of cocaine and those who may be engaged in trafficking the drug. Drug possession charges and drug trafficking charges relating to cocaine come with serious consequences for those who are accused of the offenses.

Troubled family now facing drug possession charges

Many Florida readers are aware of the recent stabbing death of a 24-year-old man who was attacked and killed by his own brother. The incident took place on a recent Friday night, and when authorities searched the family's home as part of the investigation, they allegedly found an unspecified quantity of marijuana within the home. That led to the father of the two brothers being arrested and charged with drug possession and intent to sell or deliver.

3 questions to ask following a drug possession charge

Attorneys who represent Florida defendants in drug possession cases will try to zero in on specific questions relating to your case in order to determine the best strategy for your defense. If you answer "no" to any of the following questions, it may be a good sign that you have a viable defense against your drug possession charges. In many cases, you may require legal assistance to appropriately answer these questions.

Man faces drug possession and weapon charges

Being accused of a drug-related crime can be one of a person's worst experiences. The individual may naturally be worried about being convicted of his or her drug possession charges and concerned about the penalties that could result from such a conviction. One man in Florida was recently arrested on charges of drug possession, as well as weapon charges.

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