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June 2015 Archives

Florida man arrested for drug trafficking along with wife and son

The members of an alleged drug trafficking ring have been arrested in central Florida. The individuals were charged with trafficking of methamphetamine, racketeering and conspiracy to traffic meth. The drug trafficking bust happened on a recent Wednesday in Davenport. Authorities say that a 12-year-old girl was living at the home where the arrests occurred.

2 men arrested in federal drug crime case

Two Florida men have been taken into custody on suspicion that they were shipping the street drug called flakka by mail. The federal drug crime case alleges that the men were mailing flakka from China to Broward County. The two men, who are aged 25 and 21, were released from custody after posting bond on a recent Thursday. 

Prescription drug possession defense in Florida

Prescription drugs are easy to come by, but unless they are actually prescribed by a doctor, a Florida resident could get into serious trouble with the law if he or she is caught illegally in possession of them. Some of the most common drugs that police look for are opioids like OxyContin, Vicodin or codeine. Anti-anxiety drugs, such Valium and Xanax, are also common in prescription drug possession cases

Ulbricht's mother remorseful after drug trafficking punishment

Ask any Florida mother what she would say if her child were sentenced to serve a lifetime in federal prison and you will get a similar response: devastation. This is precisely how Ross Ulbricht's mother feels right now following her son's sentencing hearing on Friday. The creator of the Silk Road website was convicted of computer hacking, money laundering and conspiracy to engage in drug trafficking, among other crimes. According to Ulbricht's mother, her son has been made into a political prisoner.

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