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July 2015 Archives

Man charged with drug possession for drug-infused gummy worms

Many times when an individual in Florida catches wind of someone who has been caught possessing drugs, certain drugs might come to mind. However, in the peculiar drug possession case of a Florida man, it was gummy worms for which the man was arrested. Not normal gummy worms, of course, but, rather, gummy worms that had been infused with a very serious illegal substance.

Recent investigation leads to 1 arrest for drug possession

Some drugs are necessary for people to maintain their health. However, certain drugs are considered illegal in the state of Florida. The effects of overdosing on these drugs can be very harmful to a person's health, if not fatal. Due to this fact, drug possession is considered a serious offense in Florida with very harsh penalties.

Defense against drug sales charges in Florida

Charges relating to the sale or purchase of drugs means that a Florida resident is at risk of spending spending years behind bars if a conviction occurs. At Ian F. Mann, PA, we have seen virtually every kind of drug sales allegation under the Florida sun, and we want you to still be able to enjoy that sun when your case is through. We will aggressively defend your rights, and we will do everything we can in our legal advisory capacity to try and make this possible for you. 

Prescription drug possession bust results in 3 arrests

Many Florida residents depend on prescription drugs for their health. However, these drugs are heavily regulated. If an individual is arrested and convicted of unlawful prescription drug possession, he or she often faces serious consequences. Due to the potential repercussions, those who are accused often seek legal help.

Arrested man faces slew of charges, including drug possession

In early July, a Florida driver was pulled over due to suspicion of driving under the influence. The 30-year-old man had been allegedly driving erratically. After being pulled over, the man was arrested on multiple charges, including drug possession.

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