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August 2015 Archives

Grand Ridge man faces drug possession charges

As many Florida residents know, being accused of drug possession is a serious offense but just because an individual is charged does not imply his or her guilt. A 24-year-old man was arrested on a recent Tuesday and charged with drug possession. The man was allegedly seen hiding a bag containing what was suspected to be methamphetamine as well as related drug paraphernalia in close proximity to a barn located in Jackson County.

Florida man and woman face prescription drug possession charges

Many Florida residents rely on prescription drugs to maintain their health, or they may take them for certain medical conditions. Most individuals obtain these drugs by lawful means, but a certain number of individuals obtain these drugs without a prescription from their doctor. When this is the case and they are caught by law enforcement, they can face jail time, stiff fines, probation as well as community service if convicted on prescription drug possession.

Twelve arrested for alleged drug trafficking in Florida

Some Florida residents are aware of the fact that the number of incidents of heroin overdoses are on the rise. As an effort to curb this alarming development and keep Florida communities safe, drug enforcement divisions of many city, state and nation-wide agencies continue to investigate, as well as crack down on, aspects of the drug trade, including one of the most serious -- drug trafficking. A recent investigation into drug trafficking resulted in a mass of arrests.

Man found at park after hours faces drug possession charges

In late July, a Florida man was stopped near the entrance of a park after hours. The 38-year-old man was found at a closed park early in the morning by Okaloosa County Sheriff's deputies. The deputies later found that the man had drugs on his person and he now faces multiple drug possession charges.

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