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September 2015 Archives

11 people arrested in Florida drug trafficking case

Individuals accused of drug trafficking can face stiff penalties if and when a conviction is obtained by government prosecutors. Florida police have become especially vigilant in regard to the usage and selling of drugs, particularly when drugs are being sold as part of a larger operation. A recent months-long investigation into drug trafficking is said to have produced 11 arrests and 65 pounds of meth. 

Sebring man arrested on drug possession allegations

The number of drug overdose incidents is on the rise in Florida. Police drug enforcement divisions of many city, state and nationwide agencies have responded by leading investigations and cracking down on the drug trade. A recent search for an individual with a warrant out for their arrest led to a separate, unrelated arrest for drug possession

2 face drug possession charges after traffic stop

The very thought of fighting Florida drug possession charges, much less the associated public scrutiny, can be daunting. Regardless, those accused of drug possession charges are presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty in a criminal courtroom. Nevertheless, just the publication of drug-related accusations in the media can have negative ramifications on an individual's family life, friendships and career plans -- even if the accused person is ultimately found not guilty of the charges.

Man allegedly selling drugs from business facing charges

As many Florida residents know, many tourists come to Florida to take in the beautiful vistas, relax on the state's miles of beaches and play golf. Before heading to the beach or golf course, some tourists might find themselves stopping off at a sports store for beach-going or golf essentials. Little did patrons of one sports store know that new golf clubs and swimsuits were not the only thing the store's owner was selling -- he was also allegedly selling drugs.

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