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December 2015 Archives

2 individuals accused of drug trafficking in Florida

Two people were recently arrested at a private residence on a recent Thursday morning in December. Police say the paid, a man and a woman, were both involved in manufacturing and trafficking of drugs. Florida residents who are accused of drug trafficking typically choose to consult an experienced criminal attorney to represent their interests, particularly in view of the potentially severe consequences a conviction could bring.

2 Florida men facing a federal drug charge

Two Florida men were recently arrested on federal drug charges. Federal agents say that the men are suspected of being methamphetamine distributors throughout the Charlotte County area. When an individual is facing a federal drug charge, he or she typically chooses to consult a criminal defense attorney experienced in handling cases at the federal level.

Man fighting charges of selling drugs

A Florida man was recently arrested and is now fighting charges of several counts of possession of weapons as well as illegal narcotics sales. The 32-year-old man was apprehended after a two-month investigation, the Lee County Sheriff's Office says. When Florida residents such as this man are arrested and accused of selling drugs, they typically choose to consult an experienced criminal defense attorney as they fight to prove their innocence.

3 now facing drug possession charges

Three individuals were arrested in St. Augustine recently for supposed drug possession, carrying concealed firearms and drug paraphernalia, authorities say. The arrest took place in a hotel parking lot. When Florida residents are faced with defending themselves against such allegations, many typically choose to consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney.

2 individuals accused of drug trafficking

A Florida man is fighting allegations from federal investigators that he and his business partner were involved in a massive drug trafficking scheme. Federal authorities say that, with the help of others, the two men imported hundreds of kilograms of the drug marketed as Molly to club goers in South Florida. The drug trafficking of Molly -- which is composed of methylone and ethylone, euphoric synthetic drugs -- was estimated to yield profits around $30,000 to $40,000 per kilo.

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