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June 2016 Archives

Florida man to fight drug possession charges

A Florida man was recently arrested and is now facing multiple drug-related charges, police said. Police accused the man of drug possession after they claimed that officers smelled pot that was emanating from the St. Petersburg man's car. Upon searching the vehicle, they claim they discovered 84 bags of gummy candy that were all purportedly laced with THC.

An overview of drug possession in Florida

When an individual has been charged with a drug crime, it can seem like that person's world has been turned upside down. Without knowing the laws or simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time, being charged with drug possession happens to people in Florida every day. However, knowing a little bit more about the law can be a powerful tool in preparing a defense.

Florida 911 call leads to drug possession and other charges

Drug crimes are taken seriously in Florida. Those who are convicted of crimes involving drugs may be severely sentenced, whether they are involved in trafficking or simply guilty of drug possession. Sometimes police may be following an active lead when they arrest someone suspected of drug crimes. Other times, police get their information in less conventional ways.

Three accused of possessing and selling drugs

Three Florida individuals were recently arrested after a drug sting in a residential neighborhood, the Port St. Lucie Police Department said. The sting was conducted on a Wednesday in late April. The three individuals were all charged with a variety of crimes, including selling drugs and drug possession.

Teen recently arrested on drug possession charges

A Florida teen who was attending Indian River State College was arrested on a recent Monday in May. The teen, whose arrest occurred in St. Lucie County, is now facing drug possession charges. Police say they found both illegal prescription drugs as well as marijuana after searching the teen's residence.

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