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2 Florida teens accused of drug possession

When a Florida resident is accused of possessing drugs, it is helpful to know how the U.S. government classifies them. The drug classes range from one to five, accusations of possessing Schedule I drugs being considered the most serious and Schedule V being the least. No matter the classification, penalties for a drug possession conviction can be severe.

1 arrested for drug possession in Jackson County

Many drug-related defenses center on how the defendant was arrested. Florida police are duty-bound to conduct themselves in a manner that must adhere to strict rules that are prescribed by both national and state laws. If any of those rules are broken during an arrest for drug possession, the defendant's arrest may be ruled illegal, and any evidence or a confession may be suppressed and all charges may be dropped.

Florida man with trucking company accused of drug trafficking

Law enforcement authorities have accused a Florida man of hauling drugs with his trucking business. He was recently arrested. The man allegedly hauled thousands of pounds of drugs, including marijuana and cocaine, in addition to legal merchandise. He is now facing a drug trafficking charge.

Drug suspect from Key Largo arrested on drug possession charge

A Florida man was charged for drug-related activity recently after police reported that they pulled the man over for allegedly not wearing a seatbelt. The man was arrested on a recent Thursday in late July, police say. The drug possession charge was for his supposedly having cocaine.

Gainesville resident faces drug possession charge

The prospect of fighting a Florida drug charge, much less the public scrutiny, may seem daunting. Nevertheless, those accused are still presumed innocent until and unless actually proved guilty in a court of law. Nonetheless, the publication of their case in the news may negatively affect their family life, professional acquaintances and even future career prospects, even if they are ultimately able to successfully defend against a drug possession charge. 

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