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November 2016 Archives

Drug possession guilt determined in court of law

There is no dispute that certain drugs can have deadly consequences. For this reason, many Florida law enforcement agencies work diligently to prevent drugs from coming into their communities. Additionally, they also seek out those drugs that are currently in the communities and attempt to remove them. As a result, someone found with drugs is likely to be charged with drug possession.

Method does not justify means in drug trafficking case

Florida law enforcement and the Florida courts take a very dim view of drug activities. Drug possession and drug trafficking have both become serious problems throughout the state. As such, law enforcement personnel actively pursuing those who are suspected of being involved in such crimes, and the court system enforces the law in its passing of judgment on those convicted of such crimes.

Drug possession charge result of nap at Florida gas station

For many, the gentle lull of a motor vehicle can make them groggy or even put them to sleep. Once this begins to happen, it is easy for the driver to simply drift off and take a short nap. Such a nap can have devastating consequences if the car is in motion; if the car is stopped, the driver typically does not pose a threat to other drivers. However, depending upon where the car is stopped, Florida police may become suspicious and have questions about why an individual is found sleeping in certain locations. Such questions may include ones related to drunk driving and drug possession.

Individual featured as most wanted arrested for drug trafficking

Wanted posters often appear on the walls of Florida post offices and other public buildings. They also are reported on television shows, the evening news and social media sites. Many individuals featured on these posters typically are believed to have committed a variety of crimes, including drug trafficking. Such advertising is often helpful in acquiring information regarding where a wanted person has possibly been seen or could be staying.

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