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Florida doctor faced federal drug charge

When one first begins to feel ill, he or she will usually take an over-the-counter medication. After a few days of feeling ill, many Florida residents will eventually decide that it is time to go see a doctor. In doing so, they expect that the doctor will determine the problem and prescribe medication to solve the problem. A prescription is usually written, and the patient picks the prescription up at a local drug store. This is the legal way in which drugs are prescribed for patients, and a federal drug charge does not become an issue.

Florida teacher accused of drug possession

Within the state of Florida, protecting children is a primary responsibility of the adults around them. These adults often include their parents, teachers and even local law enforcement officers. In addition to offering physical protection, adults also protect children from drugs and other substances that could harm them. It is generally assumed that these adults are law abiding citizens who will not face charges of drug possession or possession of drug paraphernalia.

Woman convicted of drug trafficking in Florida

In addition to being an illegal drug, heroin is considered to be a deadly substance. During 2015, 28 residents of a four-county area in Northwest Florida died as the result of using heroin. Due to its deadly nature and status as an illegal drug, Florida law enforcement officers actively pursue those whom it believes are involved in drug trafficking with heroin as one of the substances.

Drug possession conviction brings serious consequences

Florida, like many states, has taken a strong stance against drugs. In light of this, law enforcement officers remain on the lookout for those that they suspect of drug offenses. Some of these offenses involve large amounts of drugs and money. However, others are perhaps an experiment with something new. Regardless, a Florida conviction for drug possession as well as other drug related charges brings with it some serious consequences.

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