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March 2017 Archives

Proposed law and those charged with prescription drug trafficking

There is no dispute that drugs are a problem within Florida. In fact, Florida lawmakers are now looking at the prescription drug trafficking problem. As a part of this process, they are considering a bill that would hold drug dealers accountable for opioid overdoses.

Coaches convicted and sentenced on drug trafficking charges

Many Florida students look up to their coaches. These students respect these individuals and want these coaches to notice them and be a part of their lives. Most of the time, this arrangement establishes a healthy mentor-mentee relationship that is beneficial for the students. However, when the reputation of the coach is called into question and he is charged with drug trafficking, such a relationship might not be in the student's best interest.

Texting leads to prescription drug possession arrest

Text messaging makes life easier. Rather than having to dial a number, wait for the person to answer and then begin to state the message, one can simply type in a message, hit send and receive a reply at the other person's convenience. However, just as one can accidentally dial a wrong phone number, one can also accidentally text to the wrong person. This scenario has apparently landed on Florida man in legal trouble for prescription drug possession.

Home break-in leads to drug trafficking arrest

On any given day, homes throughout Florida will be broken into. The family will arrive home, realize what has happened and call the police. When law enforcement officers arrive, they will often take statements from the individuals who discovered the break-in, and they will often search the premises to recover evidence and make sure the thieves are gone. During this search of the property, it is possible that the officers will also discover other things that have been going on at the home that may be illegal, such as drug trafficking.

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