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Having medical marijuana could lead to drug possession charge

A local airport has banned medical marijuana on its premises, despite the fact that it is legal in the state. Those patients who use the drug for medical reasons should be aware when traveling through the Orlando International Airport in Florida. It is now illegal for anyone to carry the drug into the airport, and doing so could land them with a drug possession charge.

The vote to make carrying the drug in any form illegal was unanimous by the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority. Passengers caught with marijuana on their person or in their luggage could be charged with a crime, regardless of what why they needed the drug. Those who ignore the new rule could have their stash confiscated and be arrested by a law enforcement officer.

The airport authorities feel that the ban is needed because marijuana is still illegal according to federal law. It considered to be a Schedule 1 substance. That places the drug in the same category as peyote and heroin.

Many feel that the new rule is unnecessarily cruel, and they claim that it is akin to ordering people not to bring their prescription bottles into an airport or take it with them on a flight. These new regulations are expected to be in force by July 4. It also has to be approved by the governor of the state.

If anyone has been arrested in Florida on a drug possession charge, a criminal law attorney may be able to help. In some cases, where medical marijuana is involved, it may be possible to have charges lessened or dropped. In other cases,  the criminal lawyer can advise the accused on how to proceed with his or her case in order to receive the lightest sentence possible for the alleged crime.

Source: sunshinestatenews.com, "Orlando Airport Bans Medical Marijuana", Allison Nielsen, June 22, 2017

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