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Florida citizens suspect neighbor of selling drugs

When a person is arrested for drug crimes, he or she may be concerned about the future. Selling drugs is a felony, and being convicted of this crime could mean decades in prison, years of probation and enormous fines. After a recent arrest, one Florida man has likely contacted an attorney to defend him against these serious charges.

Three accused of possessing and selling drugs

Three Florida individuals were recently arrested after a drug sting in a residential neighborhood, the Port St. Lucie Police Department said. The sting was conducted on a Wednesday in late April. The three individuals were all charged with a variety of crimes, including selling drugs and drug possession.

2 accused of selling drugs to high school students

Two individuals who allegedly sold drug-laced gummy worms to high school students are now in custody, according to the Gulfport Police Department. The two were arrested after students from Boca Ciega High School who had eaten the gummy worms were taken to a local hospital. When Florida residents are accused of selling drugs, they do not have to fight these charges alone.

Florida woman accused of selling drugs

A Florida woman was arrested recently and is now fighting charges related to selling drugs after deputies in Monroe County discovered nearly $25,000 worth of GHB in her vehicle. The GHB -- also known as the date rape drug -- was found during a traffic stop on a recent Wednesday in January. When individuals like this woman are accused of selling drugs, they are legally entitled to work with experienced criminal defense attorneys as they seek to defend their innocence.

Woman fighting accusations of selling drugs

A Cocoa woman was recently taken into custody on a recent Tuesday evening in December after she reportedly sold drugs. Police have accused the woman of selling cocaine. When Florida residents are accused of crimes such as selling drugs, they typically consult an experienced criminal defense attorney who is familiar with defending against charges of this nature.

Man fighting charges of selling drugs

A Florida man was recently arrested and is now fighting charges of several counts of possession of weapons as well as illegal narcotics sales. The 32-year-old man was apprehended after a two-month investigation, the Lee County Sheriff's Office says. When Florida residents such as this man are arrested and accused of selling drugs, they typically choose to consult an experienced criminal defense attorney as they fight to prove their innocence.

Man allegedly manufactured and planned on selling drugs

A Florida man is now facing numerous drug charges for allegedly manufacturing marijuana-laced candy that he intended to distribute, police say. According to the Miami-Dade Police Department's report, officers searched the Miami residence of the 34-year-old man on a recent Tuesday in November. Inside the residence, police found marijuana-infused candies, as well as numerous examples of drug paraphernalia, which lead them to assume that he planned on selling drugs.

3 arrested, accused of selling drugs

On a recent Tuesday in the latter part of October, investigators with the Madison County Sheriff's Office Drug Task Force arrested three individuals on drug-related charges. These charges included selling drugs. The investigators were dispatched to a residence in Madison to look for a 34-year-old Florida man who, at the time, had several active narcotic arrest warrants.

13 suspects face charges for selling drugs in Florida

Thirteen Florida individuals who were recently arrested in a drug sweep are now facing a multitude of drug-related charges. The first round of arrests took place on a recent Friday in late September in Putnam County, according to the Putnam County Sheriff's Office, while the second round occurred the following week. Of the total number arrested, 10 were arrested on suspicion of selling drugs.

Man allegedly selling drugs from business facing charges

As many Florida residents know, many tourists come to Florida to take in the beautiful vistas, relax on the state's miles of beaches and play golf. Before heading to the beach or golf course, some tourists might find themselves stopping off at a sports store for beach-going or golf essentials. Little did patrons of one sports store know that new golf clubs and swimsuits were not the only thing the store's owner was selling -- he was also allegedly selling drugs.

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