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Man faces federal drug charge from dark web

There has been controversy for some time as to whether a person could be charged if someone died after using drugs that the deceased allegedly bought from that person. Now one man is facing that possibility. That man was recently brought to Florida to face a federal drug charge after substances that he is suspected of selling were linked to the death of a woman from Orlando.

14 alleged gang members each face federal drug charge

Agents from the federal law enforcement have passed down indictments for 14 people whom they believe were members of a violent gang. The arrests include 11 counts, with more than one federal drug charge.  It is all part of an attempt by federal authorities to crack down on the drug trade in Florida.

Last cocaine cowboy pleads not guilty to federal drug charge

The last one of the state's legendary cocaine cowboys will plead not guilty to smuggling drugs after being on the run for 26 years. He has been living in a suburb of Orlando, Florida, with his wife under false names. Authorities arrested the man for the federal drug charge while he and the wife were on a 40-mile bike ride.

Florida doctor faced federal drug charge

When one first begins to feel ill, he or she will usually take an over-the-counter medication. After a few days of feeling ill, many Florida residents will eventually decide that it is time to go see a doctor. In doing so, they expect that the doctor will determine the problem and prescribe medication to solve the problem. A prescription is usually written, and the patient picks the prescription up at a local drug store. This is the legal way in which drugs are prescribed for patients, and a federal drug charge does not become an issue.

Individual featured as most wanted arrested for drug trafficking

Wanted posters often appear on the walls of Florida post offices and other public buildings. They also are reported on television shows, the evening news and social media sites. Many individuals featured on these posters typically are believed to have committed a variety of crimes, including drug trafficking. Such advertising is often helpful in acquiring information regarding where a wanted person has possibly been seen or could be staying.

Purchase from undercover agent leads to federal drug charge

It is a well-known fact that some people like to talk -- perhaps a little too much at times. In the course of these discussions with friends and acquaintances, sometimes the truth is told, and sometimes exaggerations are shared. While these conversations themselves are not noteworthy, when they cover topics that could possibly lead to a federal drug charge, federal drug agents in Florida become interested.

Search warrant brings drug trafficking charges to Florida man

Florida, like many states, has been fighting a drug epidemic for generations. Law enforcement has low tolerance for buying and selling drugs, and prosecutors work zealously to get convictions. The penalties for drug trafficking convictions are varied, depending on the type of drug and the amount in question, but they may include decades in prison and millions of dollars in fines.

2 high school coaches accused: Each to face a federal drug charge

Two Florida high school football coaches were arrested recently in Orlando. The Titusville High coaches were arrested on a recent Wednesday in June, each on a federal drug charge for drug conspiracy. The men were specifically charged with both conspiracy to distribute and possession with intent to distribute, according to federal investigators.

12 accused of heroin drug trafficking

Eleven individuals allegedly involved in a heroin drug trafficking operation that authorities think involved selling the drug from restaurant parking lots were recently arrested on federal drug charges. Authorities announced on a recent Thursday the takedown of these individuals, who operated a drug network in west Orange County. When Florida individuals are similarly facing drug trafficking charges, they may decide to consult with experienced criminal defense attorneys.

Man allegedly involved in coke ring faces drug trafficking charge

A man who had been on the run for years was recently apprehended in Mexico and deported to Florida. The man was allegedly involved in a $14 million drug-smuggling ring that operated out of South Florida. He will soon be facing federal charges for drug trafficking as well as conspiracy, authorities say.

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