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Nurse accused of prescription drug possession

A nurse has been accused of selling prescription medicines. The woman was arrested and charged with prescription drug possession, selling or distributing opium, dispensing drugs without a prescription, and possessing drug paraphernalia. She worked in the intensive care ward of JFK Medical Center in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Prescription drug trafficking charges after years investigating

Not all drug crimes are as obvious as others. Sometimes Florida law enforcement officers work for years to investigation a prescription drug trafficking case. Many times, more than just prescription drugs are involved, and officers spend a considerable amount of time and effort sorting through all the alleged details.

Proposed law and those charged with prescription drug trafficking

There is no dispute that drugs are a problem within Florida. In fact, Florida lawmakers are now looking at the prescription drug trafficking problem. As a part of this process, they are considering a bill that would hold drug dealers accountable for opioid overdoses.

Texting leads to prescription drug possession arrest

Text messaging makes life easier. Rather than having to dial a number, wait for the person to answer and then begin to state the message, one can simply type in a message, hit send and receive a reply at the other person's convenience. However, just as one can accidentally dial a wrong phone number, one can also accidentally text to the wrong person. This scenario has apparently landed on Florida man in legal trouble for prescription drug possession.

Prescription drug crime makes headlines

Prescription drugs are used to treat numerous conditions. There are drugs available to help with blood pressure, weight loss, infections and even pain. For many individuals throughout Florida, a simple visit to the doctor and then pharmacy produces the medication necessary to take care of the problem. However, in some cases, it is possible that prescription drug usage becomes a problem and the possibility of a prescription drug crime occurring becomes a concern.

Florida prescription drug crime investigations expand

In this country, 40 people die every day from prescription painkiller overdoses. Despite that, health care providers continue to advocate opioids at the rate of approximately 245 million prescriptions a year. Numbers like these may mean big business for those involved in prescription drug crime. In Florida, one high-profile case shows how law enforcement is changing its tactics when dealing with illegal prescription drug operations.

Man facing 10 counts of prescription drug possession charges

A Florida man who was arrested on a recent Tuesday for driving without his license ended up in more trouble after being taken to Palm Beach County Jail. In the booking area, when he was asked to open his mouth, the 26-year-old man allegedly spit out plastic baggies that contained drugs. As a result, he is now facing a multitude of drug-related charges, including prescription drug possession.

Florida man and woman face prescription drug possession charges

Many Florida residents rely on prescription drugs to maintain their health, or they may take them for certain medical conditions. Most individuals obtain these drugs by lawful means, but a certain number of individuals obtain these drugs without a prescription from their doctor. When this is the case and they are caught by law enforcement, they can face jail time, stiff fines, probation as well as community service if convicted on prescription drug possession.

Prescription drug possession bust results in 3 arrests

Many Florida residents depend on prescription drugs for their health. However, these drugs are heavily regulated. If an individual is arrested and convicted of unlawful prescription drug possession, he or she often faces serious consequences. Due to the potential repercussions, those who are accused often seek legal help.

Prescription drug possession defense in Florida

Prescription drugs are easy to come by, but unless they are actually prescribed by a doctor, a Florida resident could get into serious trouble with the law if he or she is caught illegally in possession of them. Some of the most common drugs that police look for are opioids like OxyContin, Vicodin or codeine. Anti-anxiety drugs, such Valium and Xanax, are also common in prescription drug possession cases

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